Mystery plug under the seat

It turns out there is no electrical gremlin on the bike. I’m just stupid. For some reason I assumed that the “empty” plug under the seat might be an AUX power source. I haven’t been able to find one on this model. Apparently the previous model had one inside the headlight bucket. Comment below if…

Fuse box location for 2010-current Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50

In my search for a possible electrical gremlin I needed to access the fuse box. Having left the owners manual at the office I expected to still find it easily (as one usually does). After removing panels here and there I wasn’t finding anything. Even removed the battery just in case. My Google search came…

The photo post

Description: Suzuki Bouleverd M50 / Intruder M800 photos I’ll add some of my ok photos in here from time to time.

Check for rust under tank cover

Another OCD thing, but I hate rust. I was going through the bike and took of the tank cover. I noticed that the mounting bolt holes had rusted and created pools of rust buildup under the cover / on top of the tank. No biggie, but I rather not have that there. I cleaned the…

Fimi Palm gimbal camera tests

I’ve been testing the Fimi Palm mini gimbal camera for motorcycle use. As a device , t is basically a GoPro, that has an actual stabilized gimbal head. Due to the design it is not waterproof. I had to make a DIY mount out of a GoPro chest rig to be able to use it….

First longer ride done

First longer ride (about 1000 kms) done. Nothing to report, the bike worked like a charm. My upside down saddlebag supports worked as planned.

Inverted saddlebag supports

Description: mounting inverted saddlebag supports on the Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 Ok, ok, hear me out first. I hate the look of a sissy bar, especially the one I have. I could just barely stand the one I had on my Yamaha Bolt, but this one is far too “chromey”. The saddlebags that…

Boulevard M50 shaft drive oil change

Description: changing the shaft drive oil on Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 Tools needed: 17 mm socket (filler bolt/top bolt), 21 mm socket (drain bolt/bottom bolt) STEPS undo the filler bolt set a pan or a cup under the drain bolt undo the drain bolt and clean it drain old oil reinstall drain bolt…

Seat latch release mod

Description: Modification of the seat latch release cable Since the bike was bought used, I`m not sure if the latch release is this way from the factory. Be as it may, in my bike you needed to open the left side cover with the ingnition key in order the pull the seat release cable. Annoying….

USB Charging plug

Desciption: USB power plug installation on Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder 800 Installed a Burnsmoto USB plug for the M50. I’ve installed the exact same kind of plug on at least 4 of my previous bikes and it has always worked AND lasted without fail. The unit is as simple as it gets. It connects…