Slow start

So far only one outing this year. Still cold and it snowed earlier this week! The new turn signals work and I really like how they blend int to the bike. It no longer looks like a motorized platform for 4 ice cream scoopers.

Removing the front wheel and fender

Description: removing the front wheel and front fender from a Suzuki Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50 This is not exactly a hard one either, but in the name of documenting stuff, I’ll put this one out here too. Tool needed– 12mm Hex head bit – for the front axle– 10mm socket – for the axle…

First sign of trouble – Fork seal leaking

The bike has worked perfectly (as it should with those miles) so far. Now at roughly 11 000 kms or 6835 miles I noticed the right side fork seal leaking a bit. Nothing major by the looks of it. I really don’t know how long this has been going on, but I guess something has…

The photo post

Description: Suzuki Bouleverd M50 / Intruder M800 photos I’ll add some of my ok photos in here from time to time.

Check for rust under tank cover

Another OCD thing, but I hate rust. I was going through the bike and took of the tank cover. I noticed that the mounting bolt holes had rusted and created pools of rust buildup under the cover / on top of the tank. No biggie, but I rather not have that there. I cleaned the…

Seat latch release mod

Description: Modification of the seat latch release cable Since the bike was bought used, I`m not sure if the latch release is this way from the factory. Be as it may, in my bike you needed to open the left side cover with the ingnition key in order the pull the seat release cable. Annoying….

My bike, 2014 Suzuki Intruder M800

Bought in June of 2020 with around 9600 kms on the clock. It had a sissy, bags, winshield and a crash bar installed. All of which were promptly removed. This how it looked on my way home from the place I bought it. Yeah… I wish it was all black too.