Removing the tank from a Boulevard M50


Description: Removing the fuel tank from a Suzuki Bouelvard M50 / Intruder M800

Step 1: Remove the seat

Step 2: Undo the big bolt from the rear end of the tank

It’s the big silver bolt shown above

Step 3: Lift up the rear of the tank and place a piece of wood under for support.

Step 4: Remove the tank cover and lift it aside. You can leave it hanging on the side of the bike by it’s wires, but be gentle. You can skip this part, but I recommend doing it this way as the connector is a bit fiddly to get to if you are working alone. You do not want to be trying to lift the tank and simultaneously trying to get the connector loose.

Step 5: Undo the brown connector

To undo the connector, you need to press down the small tab at the lower right corner of the connector

Step 6: Undo the fuel hose connector by pressing the white taps inwards from both sides. Have a rag placed under the connector as some fuel will leak out.

Step 7: Pull the tank backwards while keeping the rear of the tank lifted a bit.

Step 8: Place the tank on something soft so you will not scratch the paint on the tank flanges


You can now easily undo the tank cover connector

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