Boulevard / Intruder turn signal project

Description: swapping the original Suzuki Boulevard / Intruder turn signals to smaller LED ones

I’ve never cared for the ice-cream-scooper-with-oranges-at the-end look that most cruiser turn signals have. I prefer much smaller ones, but given the fact that turn signals are primarily safety devices I would not want anything that are actually worse than the originals.

I’ve ordered a few different options from China and bought ones at the local shop. After testing, the choice is pretty clear, but I’ll show the other ones too for informational purposes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, that bar end turn signals are actually easier to mount in this case as they cover the original holes better and there is no need for separate cover plates. They are also pretty compact and don’t protrude too much.


These come in different colors and all the options have both blue and orange light. If you turn both of the lights on at the same time, you get sort of purple light. The Spirit Beast brand is sort of the Rolls- Royce of Chinese motorcycle accessories. Great quality machined parts, good fit and finish and plenty of installation accessories. No instructions though, which is pretty much standard when it comes to Aliexpress/Wish/Banggood stuff.

These ones mount really nicely and easily both front and back. I added one rubber grommet at the front and back, but you can mount them with just spacers too, if desired.

Spririt Beast bar end turn signal, very nicely machined
Spririt Beast bar end turn signal opened up. No real weather sealing
All this comes with the pair of indicators
Spirit Beast bar end turn signal mounted at the front
From the inside
The grummet I added
Spirit Beast bar end turn signal on the rear fender
Comparison between the Spirit Beast and original
Spirit Beast with the blue light on
Spirit Beast with the orange light on
Spirit Beast with tboth lights on
  • The pics are a bit misleading when it comes to brightness as the camera adjusts the lighting.


I can’t remember the brand of these, but they are plentiful in all the usual stores like Aliexpress / Wish etc.

They are a sort of single unit and it looks like they can’t be disassembled. Brightness is better than on the Spirit Beast, but hardly great.

The brand X on the right compared to the Spirit Beast


These ones I got from the local parts store. They are sold as DZ Hardware products around here, but they look identical to Puig Buoy 2s. These achieve similar look to the Spirit Beast, but are much brighter. (hard to tell from the photos)

Puig Buoy 2 bar end turn signal
The Puig Buoy 2s also mount very nicely and easily
Ffom the inside
From the rear
Brightness comparison, the Puig / DZ Hardware is a clear winner

So I’m going with the Puig / DC Hardware ones. I’m unable to complete the installation, because my Suzuki indicator connector adapters have not arrived yet. I don’t want to snap of the original connectors in case I someday want to sell the bike and/or revert back to the original turn signals. There is also some other stuff that needs attention first, before I can get mounting the turn signals. The bike currently at the state shown below.


The Suzuki connector adapters and resistors arrived. The bike is still in pieces so can’t test them yet. There is a twist in the plot anyway as I found a post on the net that the later model Intruders should be able to handle LED indicators without modifications as the indicator relay has been updated at some point. We will see if this info holds up. (see indicator relay location)

UPDATE [Dec. 13th 2020]

The stock relay can not handle the LEDs properly. Everything works, but the indicators blink rather fast. Fix is already installed. I will make a separate post about it. See next post


Left out the resistors to see what happens… The turn signals work fine. Maybe a bit fast, but I have no recollection how fast or slow the originals were. I may try to swap the indicator relay, but the current blinking could even be better like it is. See next post

The front turn signals could not be mounted as I originally planned. The brackets for the OEM indicators leave very little room for different mounting hardware. I was able to work it out as the Indicators came with 3 different size rubber bushings.
The rear ones went on easy as there is plenty of room. I did shorten the rubber bushing to get shrink tubing over the threads.
Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 with bar end mini LED turn signals
The turn signals emit light also to the sides and “back”

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