Suzuki Boulevard / Intruder shaft drive rust issue

Descprition: Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 shaft drive rust issue

Well, crap! I decided to take a look inside the shaft drive tube, because of the potential rusting issue this model has (Both M50 and C50). Turns out I should have done this immediately after getting the bike. The lower end was baked in rusty soup and did not look too good.

The actual issue seems to come from a badly designed seal at the upper end of the shaft. (see bottom pic) It will not prevent water from entering the cover very effectively.

I’m now pondering if the drive unit is still in usable condition or do I need to order new parts.

NOTICE: this problem will also allow water to enter the rear swing bearing!!! Mine was rusted on the left side and needed a total cleanup and repacking with grease

This is what the shaft cover looked like when I opened it up
Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 shaft drive rust issue
Suzuki boulevard M50 rusted shaft drive. This is what came out
The upper end was not as bad (cleaned a bit in this pic already)
After initial cleaning
This is the seal that is supposed to hold water out


I battled the seal out so I could take a look at the other end of the shaft. More rusty soup and it just keeps coming out each time I let it sit for a while.

The back end is filthy but pretty ok
I can’t get any further with my tools


Took the final drive for a look see to two different bike shops after cleaning it up. Both said that it looks fine and no further work is needed. Lubed everything like there is no tomorrow and put the rear back together.

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