Removing the rear fender and rear frame


Description: Removing the rear fender and rear frame from Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800


  1. Remove the rear seat by removing the bolt circled yellow. (OR seat cover which ever you have mounted)
  2. Remove the three black screws circled red

3. Undo the connector on the left side between the plastic fairing and the metal fender brace

4. Undo 4 screws from the underside of the fender

These are what you are looking for
Notice the plastic tab on the bottom of the pic along with one of the mounting screws

5. Pull the fender outwards from both sides to get the plastic tabs out of the rubber mounting holes.
The fender should now be free and can be lifted out.

The tail light comes out with the fender

6. Detach the connector shown below (it’s under the seat)

7. Detach the seat latch cable by pulling it upwards. Look for a green plastic bit on the cable and pull up from there.

The green part is attached to the black plastic box (removed in this picture)

8. Remove the four bolts that secure the fender brace to the chrome frame struts.
* be careful and protect the exhaust before removing the bolts all the way.
The fender brace should now be free and can be lifted out.

The fender brace unit with indicators and plate holder

9. Remove the rear frame / struts by removing the three big bolts on each side

There is plenty of thread lock on the bolts from the factory
The frame strut bolts
Rear frame and fender removed

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