Removing the front wheel and fender

Description: removing the front wheel and front fender from a Suzuki Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50

This is not exactly a hard one either, but in the name of documenting stuff, I’ll put this one out here too.

Tool needed
– 12mm Hex head bit – for the front axle
– 10mm socket – for the axle locking bolt
– 14 mm socket – for the front brake
– H5 hex socket – for the front fender

The fender
1. Undo 3 bolts from each side.
2. Protect the widest part of the fender with tape. (The part behind the front forks)
3. Squeeze the fender together a bit, and wiggle it out between the forks.*
* at this point the sides of the fender will rub against the forks. Without the tape, you will likely get scratches.

The front wheel removal
1. Lift the bike up ( the front at least).
*I used a lift that lifts the whole thing off the ground.

1 b. (optional) place a piece of wood (or something) under the front wheel to take the weight of the axle and prevent the wheel from dropping when removing the axle.

2. Detach the front brake from the fork by undoing the 2 14 mm bolts.
*You CAN leave it on, but it’s easier to take it off than fight the brake disc off between the brake pads.
if you removed the fender first your brakes are now hanging by the hoses. Once you get the wheel out reattach the brakes to the fork so that they are not hanging freely.

If you DID NOT remove the fender there is one more bolt to remove to get the brakes free > The top bolt of the fender keeps the cable holder in place

Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 front brake mount

3. Undo the locking nut on the left side using a 10mm socket.

Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 front wheel torque specs

4. Unscrew front axle using the 12mm hex bit and pull it out

6. Lift the wheel off. Don’t store it so that it’s resting on the brake disc.

7. Reinstall the axle and spacer in the proper order so you remember how they are supposed to be once you get around remounting the wheel.

ALWAYS reinstall any loose bolts IMMEDIATELY to their proper mounting holes! This prevents you from having to remember which bolts goes where when it’s time to put things back together AND it also prevents bolts from getting mysteriously lost

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