Fuse box location for 2010-current Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50

In my search for a possible electrical gremlin I needed to access the fuse box. Having left the owners manual at the office I expected to still find it easily (as one usually does). After removing panels here and there I wasn’t finding anything. Even removed the battery just in case. My Google search came up with lot’s of suggestions, all related to earlier model bikes.

Anyway, I eventually found it and I’m posting the info for those poor souls like me. As a side note: There seems to awfully little about this particular bike on the web anyway. One can only assume, it did not sell very well?

We can start with this old pic from a previous post, as the fuse box is behind that chrome cover. Remove the read bolts. The yellow one is fake.
The circled “plug” needs to be taken aside first. Pull / wiggle up gently to do that. The fuse box is marked with a dashed yellow line.
Suzuki Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50 fuse box. Model year 2010-current
Under the rubber cover is a small black box. There is a plastic tab on the left side that must be pried outwards to open the lid.

As you can see above, there are two spares available inside the box.
*The two 30A main fuses are located next to the battery under the seat.

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  1. Byron David says:

    Well done that man. Like you I’ve had every panel off, then gave up and went out on my Triumph Bonneville Bobber instead lol. I love my Intruder though, it’s a lovely ride and thanks to you, I can replace any fuses and get out on it again. Well done again, especially for thinking of others.


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