Fimi Palm gimbal camera tests

I’ve been testing the Fimi Palm mini gimbal camera for motorcycle use. As a device , t is basically a GoPro, that has an actual stabilized gimbal head. Due to the design it is not waterproof. I had to make a DIY mount out of a GoPro chest rig to be able to use it. The manufacturer doesn’t really sell a whole lot of accessories .

Anyway, as expected the wind noise was horrendous (video 1) and the cameras ability to cut down the wind noise is nowhere near what a GoPro can do.

As I expected wind noise problems based on what I have learned on my previous GoPro, I ordered an external mic as soon as the camera landed. The Fimi is a bit tricky that just any USB-C will not work. It has to be specifically designed for the fimi. I learned this the hard way after trying to make a regular USB-C/ 3.5mm adapter work with an external mic.

DIY first iteration mount. Not pretty.

The camera has to be mounted “backwards” on the chest mount, meaning that the screen will point forward. This means that the videos must be shot in “selfie mode”. Not a problem, but a few extra clicks. I have my phone mounted on the bars so that I can see what the camera sees the whole time I’m filming if I want to. This is helpful as the camera tends to point too low at default settings. Guestimating the camera adjustments without the phone screen would be painful.

Mounted on the chest harness

The first video
Shot in 60 fps / 1080P

As you can hear, the wind noise is really bad

The second video
Shot in 60 fps / 1080P

Much better

The second video is much better, but I’m picking up too much shaft drive whine. Next I will try to relocate the mic to be further away from the moving parts.

Note: I only learned recently that using 60 fps insted of 30 fps, changes the focal length of the camera, making the FOV narrower. Once I get the sound sorted I will be also using higher resolution for the videos.

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