Inverted saddlebag supports

Description: mounting inverted saddlebag supports on the Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800

Ok, ok, hear me out first. I hate the look of a sissy bar, especially the one I have. I could just barely stand the one I had on my Yamaha Bolt, but this one is far too “chromey”. The saddlebags that came with the bike will scratch the snot out of the rear fender without the sissy and I honestly don’t like the look of them either. I ordered Highway Hawk saddlebag supports so that I could have the bags on without scratching the paint, but after mounting them the right way, it was immediately clear that the bags would still hang against the paint.

Back in the day the the DIY back rest lugage combo (see below) worked like a charm on the Yamaha. The problem is/was that without the sissy I had no mounting points for such contraption.

My Yamaha Bolt with waterproof luggage.


Someone has probably tried this before me, but until proven otherwise I’m taking credit (or blame) for this. What if I mounted the saddlebag supports upside down?! They of course fit perfectly when you just switch them around.

What this does, is that now I can easily and securely mount a tail bag and I have sturdy passenger grab rails as a bonus. Aren’t I a clever boy!

Upside down saddle bag supports
Upside down saddle bag supports


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