Boulevard M50 shaft drive oil change

Description: changing the shaft drive oil on Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800

These are the two bolts you need to open

Tools needed: 17 mm socket (filler bolt/top bolt), 21 mm socket (drain bolt/bottom bolt)

This is the approximate amount of oil you need


  1. undo the filler bolt
  2. set a pan or a cup under the drain bolt
  3. undo the drain bolt and clean it
  4. drain old oil
  5. reinstall drain bolt
  6. fill up with fresh oil (200-220 ml)
  7. reinstall filler bolt
clean residue from the drain bolt
The oil I used
Due to the location of the filler hole, you can’t really accidentally overfill
Your standard oil collecting container wont most likely work as it doesn’t fit close enough
Cleaned and done

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