USB Charging plug

Desciption: USB power plug installation on Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder 800

Installed a Burnsmoto USB plug for the M50. I’ve installed the exact same kind of plug on at least 4 of my previous bikes and it has always worked AND lasted without fail.


The unit is as simple as it gets. It connects directly to 12 volt system and powers down to USB power requirements (DC 5V +/-0.25 and 2.1 amp max). This means once you find a source for aux power, just hook it up and you are good to go. The plug can also be connected directly to the battery if no aux power plug is available.

It comes with a mounting bracket, but I haven’t yet been able to find a place on any of the bikes to use it.


The location of (if any) aux power plug has so far eluded me. Apparently the older model and the C50 have a free plug available in the headlight bucket that is originally intended for extra lights. The plug is therefor also switched. For the life of me I can not find a plug matching the description near the headlight on the M50. My information comes from forums, so reliability can be questioned, but I have seen photos of said plug in these forums. If YOU know where to find this plug OR you know there is no such thing on his bike model, please comment below!

Well, my research data shows that at least the four pin plug that is capped from the factory gives you switched power, but until I know for sure what it is for, I can’t really recommend anyone to plug anything on it.


For reasons stated above, I was forced to hook up the plug directly tot he battery. This is not ideal as it does drain the battery ever so slightly. The bigger issue is, that forgetting any device hooked up to the plug will drain the battery surprisingly fast. This is not that much of an issue anymore, as a dedicated GPS device has been replaced by a smart phone, which is something that one usually never leaves on the bike anyway.


I will definitely redo the routing during winter when the tank comes off anyway, but for now the cable is tucked away under the tank without removing the tank. I put a wire sock over the cable to protect it from wear and to make it look little less DIY. The sock itself is not very heat resistant, so special care needs to be taken not the get it touching anything hot. The cable is ziptied in place where possible.

This is a no no. No loose cables should not be near moving parts.
I used the right side cable guide
The cable runs along the frame tube to the battery


The plug itself naturally has to reside somewhere near the phone holder. I’m reluctant to drill holes on my bikes, but this time I may decide to do so. For now, the plug is ziptied to the cables on the right side.

Not the final solution, but will do for now.
There is enough realestate to attach the plug between the risers. This will most likely be the final location of the plug.

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