Checking coolant level on the M50/C50

Description: checking the coolant level on Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800

According to the manual, the coolant level should be checked before each ride… As the reservoir is behind the cover under 3 bolts, no normal person does this. It is a good idea however to check from time to time. Personally I feel that once a month or before a longer trip is plenty.

Yes, there is a cutout in the cover that in theory let’s you see the coolant level, but even with a flashlight it’s pretty darn hard to see anything let alone keep the bike straight while doing it.

Here is cutout where you are supposedly see the coolant level.

The bolts marked red need to undone. The yellow one is “fake”

1. Undo the 3 bolts from the cover (the 4th top right one is fake)
2. Remove the cover
3. Set your bike level (not on the side stand)
4. Check that the coolant level is between the F and L markings on the reservoir
5. Add coolant and water (50:50) mix if needed (or plain water if you are on the road)
6. Reinstall cover

The fourth bolt is just… there

To avoid balancing the bike for checking the coolant level each time, I made markings on the reservoir where the level should be when the bike is on the side stand. This works reliably enough when the bike is in the garage on level ground.

Marking on where the coolant level is at when the coolant is at “full”. No need to level the bike.

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