Boulevard M50 seat cowl

Because I’m riding solo 99% of the time AND because the passenger seat kind of ruins the lines of the bike, I bought a seat cover for the bike. The item itself hardly warrants any mounting instructions, but in case someone is interested it’s a 2 bolt job.

It’s part number: 45500-39820-YVB if you want to score one from eBay etc.

Other colors:
Red Seat Cowl 45500-39820-YVZ
Silver Seat Cowl 45500-39820-YMD
White Seat Cowl 45500-39820-YWW
Gray Seat Cowl 45500-39820-QEB

Some before and after pics for your viewing pleasure.

Suzuki Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 seat cowl (45500-39820-YVB)
That pillion seat just doesn’t flow with the lines of the bike

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