Removing the plastic under tray

Description: Removing the plastic under tray on a Suzuki Intruder M800 / Suzuki Boulevard M50

Not that tricky, but needs to be sorted imo. I do appreciate that Suzuki though of protecting the underside of the bike, but the fasteners for the plastic tray are a poor design. I suspect my bike has had the tray removed maybe 2 times given the miles and both of the fasteners are partly broken already.

Due to the placement the plastic screw heads will be filled with crud and the design/make doesn’t really support the idea that these fasteners are something that are designed to come off every so often during oil changes and such.

The removal of the tray
1. get a screwdriver that pretty much exactly fits the plastic screw heads
2. clean the screw heads with a toothpick screwdriver etc. as they are most likely filled with gunk*
3. ever so gently screw off the plastic screws
4. pull out the outer part of the fastener
5. pull down on the tray from the front
6. slide forward (once the front is pulled free)
7. done
*kind of overkill, but the buggers round of very easily and then it’s just more trouble than it’s worth

I’m planning on ditching these fasteners altogether and fixing the tray in it’s place by some other means that’s way less fiddly. I’ll get back on that later.

One of the plastic fasteners. On tab out of 4 already missing
One of the plastic fasteners. One tab out of 4 is already missing
Once you start removing the screws, make sure you have a bit that is a good fit for the head.

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