Phone Mount for Suzuki Boulevard 800

Description: Phone mount for Suzuki Intruder 800 / Boulevard 800

Suzuki Intruder M800 / Boulevard M50 phone mount

I’ve been using this same mount for 3 consecutive bikes now. It’s chinese made and therefore relatively cheap (around  $15). I ordered mine on eBay. Search for “GUB G-86 phone holder” .

The GUB mount is made from machined aluminium and powder coated black. The reason I got interested in this, is that it’s an all metal construction with a really solid looking system to hold the phone in place. A poor mans  Perfect Squeeze if you will.

I’ve also been using the Ram-Mount X-grip, but I dislike the “play” that it has. This often results the phone rocking back and forth and the phone changing orientation.

WARNING: There is a model 81 which does not have the tightening screw on the middle. For some reason that version is much less secure. I know because I accidentally bought one.

The same mount on previous adventure bike

The holder comes with soft pads that you can glue on or leave out. The added friction provided by the pads is probably a good idea if your phone doesn’t have a protective cover.

In theory one could probably mount 2 of these side by side on the bike beacause of the compact size.

The mount can be set either horizontally or vertically AND the finger screw location can be set to four different directions. All this by loosening one allen head bolt and without needing to remove or loosen the clamp around the bar.

Soft paddings on the “claws”
The mount can be set up vertically or horizontally

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